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Make Health Your Hobby; A 4 Part Process

1. What are you eating?

  • Are you getting a variety of colorful veggies? If you’re able to eat fish, are you eating wild caught salmon to get essential omega 3’s? Are you being creative with your foods? replacing buns with portobello mushrooms!

What's a favorite guilty pleasure that you'd like to modify into a healthy option?

2. What's your daily movement?

  • The best exercise is the one you’re actually going to do! This week I have walked, taken a couple yoga classes, a couple karate classes and added an awesome plank series in there. Always amazed at what my body is capable of!

What new exercise would you like to try?

3. How are you recharging your batteries?

  • Are you tapping into your level 7 energy and really feeling that euphoria? Even just 15 minutes a day of meditation can elevate your mood and decrease your stress.

What ideas do you have to shift your mood?

4. What supplements are you taking?

  • What are you taking to supplement your healthy lifestyle? Mine are focused on my gut health that I’ve had issues with for 20 years. It feels good to finally get a handle on it!!

How can you remember to take your supplements daily?

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