Saucha in Your Circle

In the 8-limbed system of Ashtanga Yoga is Niyama, the relationship with ourself. The 1st of 5 Niyamas is Saucha, cleanliness or purity of mind, body and spirit. One of the most neglected factors affecting our mind are the negative people we choose to be a part of our circle. We overlook or brush aside how we feel when we are in their company. However, their toxic energy is infectious and soul sucking. And as we move forward making positive changes in our lives, our circle can easily take the winds out of our sail. But, when we practice Saucha with the people we surround ourselves with, we find inspiring, kind, generous and loving individuals. The ones who are there for the twists and turns, the downs and not just the ups. The ones who embrace you with compassion, cheer your successes and hold your hand during your losses. The ones that not only appreciate the roses, but stop to enjoy the glorious scents. The ones who simply make you feel good in their presence. Take a moment to look at your circle. Maybe some summer cleaning is in store for you. #saucha #niyamas #lifecoach #yogapractice #ytt #hertribelifecoach#manifesthappiness

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